Eye Exams & Tests

You should have your eyes checked regularly regardless of changes to your vision or prescription. A comprehensive eye exam will test for much more than your visual acuity (how strong your vision is).

Watch the brief video above for some of the health conditions a regular eye exam can detect.

On top of a thorough review of your case file and eye health history by your optometrist, a comprehensive eye exam should include a number of specific tests and elements including:

  • Visual acuity- eyes separately and together
  • Assessment of the refractive status via objective and subjective techniques
  • Binocular vision assessment
  • Colour vision evaluation
  • Assessment of the health of the interior and exterior of the eye using a biomicroscope, ophthalmoscope and a dilated eye examination when indicated
  • A neurological assessment of the visual system including a review of the pupil reactions, ocular motility, and an assessment of the peripheral vision.
  • Screening for glaucoma, including testing pressure inside the eye, looking inside the eye at the retina and optic nerve, as well as performing peripheral vision tests.

Trust the total health of your eyes to an Eye Recommend optometrist.

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